The Key wins Arts Director Choice at Hrizantema Horror &The Fantasy Film Festival

November 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

We are delighted The Key  won one of the  “Arts Director Choice” Award at  Hrizantema Horror &The  Fantasy Film Festival and Video Works

Special thanks to all the crew for the film and everyone in Watford who made this film possible!

Hrizantema Horror & Fantasy Film Festival 2014

Art Cinema “Aleksandar Lifka” „Aleksandar Lifka“ is a cultural institution founded by the local self-government of the city in 2006 with the goal of preserving the oldest permanent cinema in the region, as well as the memory of the cinematography pioneer Aleksandar Lifka.

Since this small institution already completed its primary mission, which was brining people back into the cinema (over 18.000 visitors in the year 2012), it’s time to expand our activities with a specific program that will make us more renowned in our country and beyond. With this in mind, two workshops were organized for the younger demographic – acting and film – and are held within the cinema to give the participants a creative, and not just the consumerist, approach to film.

Modern technology allowed the making of short, animated and documentary films to be more accessible, which gave room for the so called laity to also make films. Our idea for the Chrysanthemum festival is to inspire making short films that will be influential to the modern artistic production in town, since all the prerequisites are there in terms of a movie educated audience, professional filmmakers (Subotica directors Sabolč Tolnai, Rajko Ljubić, Branko Ištvančić, Zoltan Šifliš, Andrej Boka and so on), four local television stations, three places with regular film showings and most importantly, young and ambitious future filmmakers.

Because of the geographical position and ethnic composition of Subotica, the festival intends to go regional from the start, since many of the participants are already culturally linked to Hungary and Croatia.

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