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As part of this years London International Animation Festival Mew Lab directors Shaun Clark & Kim Noce will be presenting a special talk about their new film “The Key”. The presentation is part of the LIAF Industry Events and will take place at London’s Barbican Centre 1st November. Taken from the LIAF industry event page here is a little about the presentation. “Shaun Clark and Kim Noce are Mew Lab, an award winning London based animation collective with a bold style of narrative filmmaking ranging from animated documentaries, horror films to children’s television and short film. Their work has won a number of awards and has screened on UK and US television. Both Directors have BAFTA nominations, and are recognized as exciting emergent talent. The Key is their latest film. Taking almost 2 years to complete, 
the work included preparing, printing and coloring 5753 pictures to create the animation with the participation of 500 residents of Watford aged 2 to 90, who created 2000 frames needed to make the animated film.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 20.21.07


“The Key” will also be screened at the festival in the International Competition Programme 3: Being Human (15) on the 26th October up for Best of British and Best of the Festival

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.30.48


The London International Animation Festival proudly showcases the whole spectrum of creative animation, showing that animation is for everyone. Founded in 2003, LIAF aims to dispel the popular misconception that animation is just cartoons for kids by screening the broadest possible range of intelligent, entertaining and provocative current films on offer from all around the world as well as retrospectives and specialised sessions from countries and animators who don’t normally elicit such attention. The LIAF annual 10-day Festival includes gala premieres, retrospectives, Q&A’s with filmmakers, workshops, audience voting, and the Best of the Festival screening. Since this year LIAF has become much more than an annual Festival – the LIAF team are programming more events, tours, screenings and master classes all year-round to as many cities and countries as possible.


For More information and booking tickets follow the links here

The Key Screening at London International Animation Festival LIAF on the 26 October at The Barbican Centre

Plus Q&A on the 1st November at the Barbican Centre.

The Key talk at the Pump House for Watford Live!

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Thank you to everyone who came to “The Key” event, we were delighted to see so many friends, collaborators and new faces. we hope you enjoyed the screening and the talk

Also a big thank you to Watford Live! for hosting the event, Nag Vladermersky from London-International Animation-Festival for chairing the talk (and asking wonderfully insightful question), and our amazing crew: Alex Harwood (composer) Laura Horn (choreographer) & Sarah Kerenza Priestley (actor and facilitator) for joining us in the Q&A.

Pictures by John Priestley

Watford screening of “The Key” + Q&A with LIAF Director Nag Vladermersky & Mewlab

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As a part of Watford Live! 2014, “The Key” will be screening at the Pump House followed up by a Q&A with the directors and crew members.

The Q&A will be chaired by  Nag Vladermersky, director of LIAF ( London International Animation Festival)


Date: Sunday 29 June 2014   Time: 4pm – 6pm

Free event, but space is limited, so reserve seats via
Pump House, Colne River Room
Local Board Road
Lower Watford High Street

“The Key” was made with the help of local people from Watford who formed a large part of the crew helping to colour and trace some of the 5000+ drawings before they were scanned and filmed to create the animation. We would like to thank a number of the local organizations who helped make this film happen! Big thanks for the support to: Watford Live!  Watford Borough Council  West Herts College Watford Museum  Intu Watford As well as all the crew who made the film happen Voices Artist
s – Paul Mundell, Dylan Cousins
 & Ellie Mitra Actors
  Dylan Cousins,
 John Priestley, 
Sarah Priestley, Lowenna Priestley, Megan Campbell,
 Alex Chalk,
  Richard Llewellyn, Maya Dodwell & Judith Wright Co-Producer
 Margaret Cheal Screenwriter Tom Hill Choreographer 
Laura Horn Music by
 Alex Harwood Editor
 Benjamin Gerstein Sound Designer
 David Pringle Art Workers
 Tetelle Randrianja,
 Nikolajs Pogrebickis, 
Amy Jennings
, Josey Grant, Alexander Stanlake,
 Greg Woodcock
, Clare Aburn
, Diana Garcia, 
Aniko Kiss
, Luis Jara
, Jessica Leach Colourist for the 5753 frames
The Town of Watford and Surrounding Area Storyline Editor 
Alexander Williams 1st Assistant Director 
Daniel Hartropp Costume Design Consultant
 Jane Cousins Reprographics
 Alison Grant-Davey Dance Studio and Printing Facilities
 West Herts College Events Location
 Intu Watford, Watford Museum, 
West Herts College Watford Live!
 Margaret Cheal
 Alan Bannister In kind Donation by
 West Herts College, 
Watford Live!,
 Watford Museum,
 Intu Watford Thanks to
Dorothy Thornhill MBE, Elected Mayor of Watford, 
Watford Live!, West Herts College & Staff
, Watford Museum & Staff
, Watford Borough Council
, GuidePost Trust, 
Intu Watford & Erin Walsh
, Sophie Cady Ronson, Cousins Family, Priestley Family, 
Stephen Lenman
, Amma Gyan, 
David O’Sullivan
 and everyone who participated at the events to create the animation.

Mewlab Q&A at Scratch! Film Festival 2014

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MewLab directors Kim Noce & Shaun Clark will be guests at the Scratch Film Festival 2014 where they  will give a talk about the production of the “ The Key“, on  the 6th June at 7pm.  The Key has  also been selected in the official competition for the 3rd edition of Scratch Film festival, hosted in the stunning city of Lecce, (Italy). The film will be screened on the 4th June at 9pm. Both events will be held at at Ach ( Ammirato Culture House ).


Scratch! is a festival entirely dedicated to animation, particularly to short movies. Opened to the best international productions from all around the world, Scratch! has become a hub of reference for all experts in the sector as for followers of the genre alike. Since the first edition of 2012 following a public funding Principi Attivi, with an international call Scratch! has brought the selection of the best works worldwide. In the two previous editions it screened more than two hundred shorts scanning throughout the whole sector.Scratch! is homed in Lecce, a small city of art in the South of Italy, embedded with the surrounding. As inspirational frenzies come together, there is the chance to give voice to a flourishing new application.

Scratch! is part a project designed, organised and produced by Animood association.


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 18.52.49

Review in Watford Arts Forum by Grelle White

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On the 4th april we had a “work in progress” Private View of the film at the Pump House in Watford, organised by Watford Live. The evening was a asuccess and we were delighted to see the Private View featured on the Watford Arts Forum, with an article by Grelle White.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.10.13

Click to access WAAF_Spring%20Summer_Magazine.pdf

Private View for production team and crew only

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On the 4th april we had a “work in progress” Private View of the film at the Pump House in Watford, organised by Watford Live. Our guest list comprised those who worked both in front and behind the camera, in post-production, and some of the dozens of people who coloured in over 5700 frames to make the film possible.  We were also joined by those who helped to fund, and gave us workshop space.

We take the chance again to thanks everyone that came and supported us through the production: the participants, the volunteers, the crew ,the funders, the Major of Watford Dorothy Thornhill, the actors, friends and family. We have loved every single moment of the production and we are glad we have met and involved hundreds  & hundreds of people .

We involved almost 500 people from age 2 to 90 in the making of the film.: locals have been acting, drawing, animating, dancing, and also colouring in a staggering 5700 frames for the animation! And to top it up we had 2707 views  to date on the site, and an extra 560 readers are actually following this blog.   

The project was part of Watford Live!, with the aim of encouraging people in the town to participate in an activity which they might not have experienced before.   There are  plans to have a workshop and a screening in 2014/2015 when the film comes off the festival circuit.

The evening was a delightful success and we are looking forward to finish off the film and  send it to festivals around the world and to find out where the film will have its own world premiere.

The last frames coloured in! Thank you!

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We would like to thanks everyone that, despite the snow, joined us at the WATFORD MUSEUM on the 19 January… we traced and coloured the last 500 frames!

Also we wish to thanks Watford Museum for their hospitality, Margaret Cheal and Alan Bannister from Watford Live, Stephen from Silencio, the GuidePost Trust, Amma Gyan and David O’Sullivan.

Now another month of work to finish to composite the animation, then the postproduction will start : editing, creating the sound, recording the voices, composing the music and grading the picture! The last steps…

Last chance to participate! All Free!

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Last chance to participate in our marvellous collective film! If you did not manage to come down to one of our drop in sessions you still have a chance to meet and join us at Watford Museum on the 19 January from 10.30 am to 4pm. It is free and we will have cakes and tea…

We involved almost 500 people: locals have been acting, drawing, animating, dancing, and also colouring in a staggering 5000 frames for the animation! And to top it up we had 1831 views on the site, and an extra 560 readers are actually following this blog.  Thank you all for your support!

Well why not join us for a lovely relaxing morning or afternoon with family, friends… the more the merrier!( With also a sneak preview of what the animation that has been created so far!)


Another fantastic event on the 7 JULY at WATFORD MUSEUM! THANK YOU!!!

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We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the WATFORD MUSEUM  on the 7th JULY… we  traced and coloured almost 500 frames!

Also we wish to thank  Watford Museum for their hospitality,  Margaret Cheal from Watford Live, Steven from Silencio, and  our wonderfully  professional animators & artists  Amy Jennings, Diana Garcia, Aniko Kiss, Luis Jara.

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!


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If you did not manage to come down to one of our session you still have a chance to meet and join us at Watford Museum on the 7th July from 11am to 4pm.

Watford Museum 194 High Street Watford Herts WD17 2DT 01923 232297

Another wonderful event on the 19 June at West Herts College! THANK YOU!!!

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We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the WEST HERTS COLLEGE  on the 19 JUNE… we  traced and coloured almost 500 frames!

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!

Also we wish to thank West Herts College for their hospitality,  Margaret Cheal from Watford Live, Daniel Hartropp our Assistant Producer and  our wonderfully  professional animators  Amy JenningsClare Aburn, Nikolajs Pogrebickis, Josey Grant and Alexander Stanlake

Did you draw a frame with us on the 16 June? THANK YOU!!!!! and do tell us your name!

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Did you join us on the 16 June to draw and colouring in the full animation? If yes THANK YOU!!!!!, and don’t be shy …add your name here in the comments for posterity!

We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the HARLEQUIN CENTRE  on the 16 JUNE… more than 300 people  traced and coloured in almost 2000 frames! And we had almost 600 views on the blog in just a week!

Click to see a larger picture.

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!

Also we wish to thank Margaret Cheal and Alan Bannister from Watford Live, Erin Walsh form the Harlequin centre, our wonderful professional animators Tetelle Randrianja, Jessica Leach and Greg Woodcock.

A big thank you to the Crew for the event on 16 June at The Harlequin Centre

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A huge thank you to the Harlequin Centre for their hospitality and super efficient Erin Welsh, to Watford live and West Hers college for their support and collaboration and to the core crew for their hard works and smiles : Margaret Cheal , Alan Bannister, Tetelle Randrianja, Jessica Leach and Greg Woodcock (our animators)


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Come and join us to draw and colour in one of the 5000 frames needed for the first ever “Collective Animated Film” by the Town of Watford.

MewLab in collaboration with Watford Live, West Herts College and the residents in the Town of Watford are creating “The Foggiest Ideal” a hand crafted short animated film.

Drop in sessions will be held on 16th June at the Harlequin Centre between 10-4pm (WD17 2UB) and on the 19th June at West herts College between 11-4pm (WD17 3EZ)

Shooting Day on 12th May

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We had a wonderful and intense day shooting the live action for “The Foggiest Idea”

We would like to thank the whole team:
Dylan as the character of James
Judith as the Dancer
Maya as the Mother and the Commuter
Megan, Richard and Alex as our commuters.

Margaret for the fantastic  organisation of the shoot, Laura Horn for her invaluable Ideas and Daniel for his help as First AD and continuity…

And of course Watford Live, West herts college, Sophie Cady and The town of watford.

The first step is done, do not miss the next step to help us create the next part of the film!

James and his Magnifying Glass

The Commuters

James and the Dancer

Mum and Dad

The child

Casting Day

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On the 26 April we had a fantastic day at West Herts College  casting the roles for “The Foggiest Ideal”, we cannot thank enough everyone that came!
Margaret for organising everything at the front desk, Laura for her talents and off course all our actors.

Laura Horn (Choreographer), Kim Noce and Shaun Clark ( directors) Alex and Richard as the commuters

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