Private View for production team and crew only

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On the 4th april we had a “work in progress” Private View of the film at the Pump House in Watford, organised by Watford Live. Our guest list comprised those who worked both in front and behind the camera, in post-production, and some of the dozens of people who coloured in over 5700 frames to make the film possible.  We were also joined by those who helped to fund, and gave us workshop space.

We take the chance again to thanks everyone that came and supported us through the production: the participants, the volunteers, the crew ,the funders, the Major of Watford Dorothy Thornhill, the actors, friends and family. We have loved every single moment of the production and we are glad we have met and involved hundreds  & hundreds of people .

We involved almost 500 people from age 2 to 90 in the making of the film.: locals have been acting, drawing, animating, dancing, and also colouring in a staggering 5700 frames for the animation! And to top it up we had 2707 views  to date on the site, and an extra 560 readers are actually following this blog.   

The project was part of Watford Live!, with the aim of encouraging people in the town to participate in an activity which they might not have experienced before.   There are  plans to have a workshop and a screening in 2014/2015 when the film comes off the festival circuit.

The evening was a delightful success and we are looking forward to finish off the film and  send it to festivals around the world and to find out where the film will have its own world premiere.

The last frames coloured in! Thank you!

January 19, 2013 § 2 Comments

We would like to thanks everyone that, despite the snow, joined us at the WATFORD MUSEUM on the 19 January… we traced and coloured the last 500 frames!

Also we wish to thanks Watford Museum for their hospitality, Margaret Cheal and Alan Bannister from Watford Live, Stephen from Silencio, the GuidePost Trust, Amma Gyan and David O’Sullivan.

Now another month of work to finish to composite the animation, then the postproduction will start : editing, creating the sound, recording the voices, composing the music and grading the picture! The last steps…

Another fantastic event on the 7 JULY at WATFORD MUSEUM! THANK YOU!!!

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We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the WATFORD MUSEUM  on the 7th JULY… we  traced and coloured almost 500 frames!

Also we wish to thank  Watford Museum for their hospitality,  Margaret Cheal from Watford Live, Steven from Silencio, and  our wonderfully  professional animators & artists  Amy Jennings, Diana Garcia, Aniko Kiss, Luis Jara.

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!

Another wonderful event on the 19 June at West Herts College! THANK YOU!!!

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We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the WEST HERTS COLLEGE  on the 19 JUNE… we  traced and coloured almost 500 frames!

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!

Also we wish to thank West Herts College for their hospitality,  Margaret Cheal from Watford Live, Daniel Hartropp our Assistant Producer and  our wonderfully  professional animators  Amy JenningsClare Aburn, Nikolajs Pogrebickis, Josey Grant and Alexander Stanlake

Did you draw a frame with us on the 16 June? THANK YOU!!!!! and do tell us your name!

June 17, 2012 § 12 Comments

Did you join us on the 16 June to draw and colouring in the full animation? If yes THANK YOU!!!!!, and don’t be shy …add your name here in the comments for posterity!

We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the HARLEQUIN CENTRE  on the 16 JUNE… more than 300 people  traced and coloured in almost 2000 frames! And we had almost 600 views on the blog in just a week!

Click to see a larger picture.

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!

Also we wish to thank Margaret Cheal and Alan Bannister from Watford Live, Erin Walsh form the Harlequin centre, our wonderful professional animators Tetelle Randrianja, Jessica Leach and Greg Woodcock.

A big thank you to the Crew for the event on 16 June at The Harlequin Centre

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A huge thank you to the Harlequin Centre for their hospitality and super efficient Erin Welsh, to Watford live and West Hers college for their support and collaboration and to the core crew for their hard works and smiles : Margaret Cheal , Alan Bannister, Tetelle Randrianja, Jessica Leach and Greg Woodcock (our animators)

What it takes to print 5000 frames!

June 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

An amazing producer: Margaret Cheal
A wonderful reprographic expert: Alison Grant Davey
The kindness of Watford Campus Staff!
A fabulous establishment such us West Herts College!
A monster of a printing machine!
5000  punched A4 animation paper by Chromacolour
Few sharpies, 68 folders, 83 coloured stickers, two suitcases, three large coffee, a big bunch of late nights shifts, two afternoons in the printing facilities!
Lots a patience and nerves of steel!

Yes, nerves of steel!!!!

Alison Grant-Davey printing the frames for “The foggiest Ideal”

Alison Grant-Davey, Margaret Cheal and            printing the frames for “The foggiest Ideal”

Costumes…, mmmh which one?

May 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Thank you to West Herts College and to Jane Cousins for the extensive choice of costumes.

Dylan as James, trying out several different costumes provided by Jane Cousins

Casting Day

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On the 26 April we had a fantastic day at West Herts College  casting the roles for “The Foggiest Ideal”, we cannot thank enough everyone that came!
Margaret for organising everything at the front desk, Laura for her talents and off course all our actors.

Laura Horn (Choreographer), Kim Noce and Shaun Clark ( directors) Alex and Richard as the commuters

Alexander Williams : Storyline

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The fantastic Alexander Williams kindly helped us to tidy up our script… so we are ready to shoot!

The Choreographer: Laura Horn

February 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Meet our new member of the team: Laura Horn, our amazing choreographer for “The Foggiest Idea”. Laura Horn is from Dance Digital, and she will help us casting the actors and  design  the choreography for the entire animated film.


Location for Shoot at West Herts College

January 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

We are delighted West Herts College has been extremely generous in lending us the facilities for rehearsal and the final shoot! A wonderful place right in the centre of town!

Congratulation to Watford: Green Light!

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We pitched the idea to fantastic the Sophie Cady and then we met up with the marvellous Margaret Cheal… and we have the Green Light! With the help of the Mayor funding for  the Art Material and in kind donations from West Herts College, Watford Live and Mewlab ;” Watford” is going to make its first professional collective animated film!

Sophie Ronson Cady

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When we moved to Watford we found we had one of the loveliest most energetic, vibrant and wonderful Arts Officer: Sophie Ronson Cady! When she introduced us to the art scene in Watford we were delighted by the sheer amount of talent we encountered… and many collaborations and friendship were born!  This project would  not exists without  the help of Sophie!

Margaret Cheal : our Executive Producer

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Meet our lovely and super efficient Executive producer: Margaret Cheal. She is also key member  of the team of Watford Live, and the Creative Enterprise Manager at West Herts College.

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