New poster for “The Key”

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POSTER 2 version 1 small

When the residents awake to find the key missing to the Town gate frustration soon sets in. Only this key is happy to be lost and keen to show some things should not be found.

Final Stills for the Film

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(click to view larger images)


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While compositing the animation we are already looking at the Grading of the picture. Starting from the original picture we are testing texture, shades and grain to combine  the different elements together. (Click the pictures to see it full screen)

The Process

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Every single shot has been first acted, then filmed, printed out, coloured in, water coloured,  and re-filmed under the animation camera. Then for each shot we draw, coloured, painted and scanned the background . Finally the different elements were imported in  the computer and we composited  the animation with the background and we start to animate the fog.

It roughly means we create about 25/90 frames (1-3 sec) a day from scratch depending on complexity. Here some gifs that show the last part of the process from the water-colour to the composited shot


photo 1030

photo 2

66 Backgrounds and 127 Props

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Ticked, ticked, ticked! On the wall our lovely schedule tell us we have just finished painting the 66 backgrounds needed for the film!

We have not added yet the fog and the picture are not graded (hence the colour are not the final ones), but one can start to feel the town becoming real… we cannot wait to fill it up with the wonderful characters everyone has been drawing and colouring in…

Here below a collage of few backgrounds and an example

backgrounds fragments



041 BG

And our unglamorous but efficient schedule on the wall


Shaping a world

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We are creating all the backgrounds for the film. We started with a fictitious map of the town and a long list of things we need. The maps are just rough sketches to gives us an idea.

We are painting the objects and items we need… These are the first ones. With more background tests.



July 15, 2012 § 2 Comments

We are working on a moodboard to find the perfect style for the backgrounds. So we just explore  a lot of books, illustration, and filmmaker we love.
There are images from  Andrei TarkovskyYuriy NorshteynEdward GoreyMichelangelo Antonioni and many more wonderful contemporary artists…

Another fantastic event on the 7 JULY at WATFORD MUSEUM! THANK YOU!!!

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We would like to thanks everyone that joined us at the WATFORD MUSEUM  on the 7th JULY… we  traced and coloured almost 500 frames!

Also we wish to thank  Watford Museum for their hospitality,  Margaret Cheal from Watford Live, Steven from Silencio, and  our wonderfully  professional animators & artists  Amy Jennings, Diana Garcia, Aniko Kiss, Luis Jara.

Here are some of the picture of those who participated!

Testing, testing, testing…

June 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

We finish editing the footage and we organise each shot to beard to printed and now a few tests to check the Art Material, the workflow and to create some concept visuals James and the Dancer with Background Step 4 _Final Step James and the Dancer Step 3 Scanned James and the Dancer Step 2 Painted James and the Dancer Step 1 Original Footage printed Painting the Frames ( the Family)

We Love Old Fairytales

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A small visual test with a picture from the rehearsal, we are trying to make the visual style look mysterious and dark like an old fairytale

Concept Image: the commuters with Richard and Alex

Choreography Rehearsal: playing with movement

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On the 3rd and 10th we had two lovely evenings sessions at West Herts College  reharsing the choreography  for  “The Foggiest Ideal” with:

Dylan as the character of James
Judith as the Dancer
Maya as the Mother and the Commuter
Megan, Richard and Alex as our commuters.
Margaret organising everything at the front desk and last but not least Laura as our choreographer !

Laura Horn (choreographer) and John Priestly (Dad)

Laura Horn (Choreographer) and  Sarah & john Priestly (the family)

Lolo ( the child)


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We collected together  our own sketches and images of other artists that we like and we find inspiring for the film

Collage made of Sketches by Mewlab, images by Kaliopy, Helenbreznik, Watford Museum, Edward Gorey and few unknown sources.

Movement Research

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We have been at the V&A, the British Museum and Watford Museum to take picture to inspire us for the acting and the movement for the imminent shoot.

Early Visual Concept

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