The Key at The International Film Festival of Patmos

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The Key will be screening at The International Film Festival of Patmos in Greece between the 24-30 july in the main competition

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Here a little bit about the festival: “The International Film Festival of Patmos combines the idyllic backdrop of Patmos with the cutting edge of film to create a unique, creative experience. With its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Patmos has traditionally attracted people of the arts and cinema in particular. Our vision is to make this treasured destination an exciting place for celebrating talent, originality and craftsmanship in world cinema today. Our long-term goal is to turn IFFP into a platform for a creative exchange of ideas between Greek and foreign filmmakers and a forum for international partnerships and co-productions.”

The Key talk at the Pump House for Watford Live!

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Thank you to everyone who came to “The Key” event, we were delighted to see so many friends, collaborators and new faces. we hope you enjoyed the screening and the talk

Also a big thank you to Watford Live! for hosting the event, Nag Vladermersky from London-International Animation-Festival for chairing the talk (and asking wonderfully insightful question), and our amazing crew: Alex Harwood (composer) Laura Horn (choreographer) & Sarah Kerenza Priestley (actor and facilitator) for joining us in the Q&A.

Pictures by John Priestley

“The Key” in the Watford Observer

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We are delighted The Key received the attention of the local newspaper Watford Observer and Rosy Moorhead wrote a lovely article about the making of the Key and its participatory element.

Link to page

The Key on Watford Obeserver


PDF 500 Watford residents came together to create animation short The Key, part of Watford Live! festival (From Watford Observer)

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